How to Level Faster in the Runescape Gold

Currently, the dungeon is not very big, because there is a locked door that blocks the passage to the west with Runescape Gold in the game. Go to the Temple located in Ape Atoll and enter the door. It is advisable to become a monkey using your grill Monkey Madness Monkey like you will not take damage from the guard’s monkey. Did you know that there is a dungeon under the temple on the atoll of monkey? This dungeon is used for two quests, Monkey Madness and disaster.In addition, it is not used for anything else. No this is not the way out of the dungeon is a crack that you can squeeze through which leads you to a separate room.

Make sure you are a zombie monkey as in photo as there is lava on the floor you need to cross. If you are a man, I recommend using Protect from Melee that you will not take damage, and there is always a monkey Alter in the temple where you pray less if you’re short on prayer. This is used in Monkey Madness Quest in the game when you have to do the amulet.Back to the top of the tower where you enter and you should see a rope-climbing. Go up and you should be back where you started in the Dungeon Temple. Brimhaven is a large cavern beneath the tropical city of Brimhaven with cheap Runescape Gold in the game. There are a large number of monsters on the inside, it is strongly recommended that you bring armor and food with you when training.

There is a rock in the middle of the room that you use when recipe for disaster to cook the meals of the king. This piece has no other door is inaccessible purpose. There if you follow the passage down.Now you paid the entrance fee Saniboch, you should be able to walk in the Dungeon and weapons in the game. Anti Dragonfire Potion used with the Dragonfire shield, optional, but useful for low levels.905gp 30gp for the boat ride and 875gp to enter in the dungeon. You may need more if you take a chartered vessel. ArmoRr Initiate, proselytizing or Monk Robes since this armor gives a bonus of prayer and it is not very valuable. Anti Dragonfire Potion – used with the Dragonfire shield, optional, but useful for low levels.