Hack N Slash MMORPG Devilian Online Debut

Ginno Games and NHN Hangame Korea just launched their new website for their upcoming new Hack N Slash Diablo style like MORPG called Devilian Online. With their recent website and game debut, they have also started recruiting for their first closed beta. It gets better than that because they also released a series of gameplay videos available in 1080p that can be viewed right after the cut. Ever wondered what kind of unique features Devilian Online has to offer? Steparu.com has made a short but detail preview of this game, let’s check it out right now!



Playable Classes

There are three playable classes the first one called a Warrior that wields two-handers, performs consecutive combos, and has a lot of HP. The developers say that the point of this game is to kill a lot of monsters using the combo system before your character dies. The second playable class is called Sorcerer, utilizing a lot of powerful elemental skills it is the ultimate damage dealing class except it has a very thin paper armor. The last playable class is the Assassin, a very ninja type of character that uses chain katars that can specialize in short and long range attacks. They are planning to add more playable classes in the future but as for the upcoming CBT there will only be three playable classes.

Debut Trailer

Aside from dungeon crawling players will be able to progress through the story line similar to the Diablo series. Devilian Online also offers field dungeons that is similar to normal instanced dungeons. Players will be able to choose the difficulty setting before entering the dungeon such as Easy, Normal, or Hard. The developers say that the game can be solo’ed on the hardest difficulty if the player is very skilled.