Summoner Survey Says: Honor Points System

Summoners, how has the new honor system impacted your League of Legends experience, if at all? Has it helped you or others you know become a better person on the Fields of Justice? To what extent has it changed your interactions with other players during a match?

These are the first few questions that come to my mind when I wonder what changes the new honor system might have had on players. I personally feel that the honor implementation caused a slight improvement in the player base. In the beginning, it felt like there was more positive improvement in behavior, but has since returned to normal or stayed slightly improved. It’s almost as if everybody has a new shiny toy and behaves until the brand new scent has dissipated and your left with what’s tossed to the side as a player’s attention moves on.

Have you found yourself or others simply attempting to accrue massive amounts of honor? Even if it’s not what they would normally do? I’m sure there is honor trading going on, but those that are misbehaving normally likely won’t be able to pretend for very long that they’ve turned a leaf and try harder. There’s got to be a few individuals out there that have honestly tried harder to communicate and keep their cool during a match though.

Speaking of honor trading, have you heard of anybody getting a warning for supposedly honor trading? A friend of mine, who I know isn’t the type to blatantly honor trade, actually received a warning from Riot that he should be more careful with his actions in honor rewards. It’s funny though because he claims he doesn’t really even give out honor very often, so he assumes it was reported by another player. I was under the impression that Riot would only look into cases of honor trading based on statistics in honor granted and received. I hope that if a player reported suspicious honor trading activity that Riot would look into it before sending out a warning.