You forgot that one of the details according to Honor Systems

You forgot that one of the details according to Honor Systems. That it was mainly created to make the Competition and Player Samurai’ish Style of a Match to be more positive and so they can be remembered and seen as what, and how they work. They are basically building themselves a Title. Such as Honorable Opponent. Some become a more of a selection towards a Leader for a Team. Worthy to lead their Team, as a Selected Individual who knows how to coordinate and cooperate with teammates.

The Honor System wasn’t originally created to make people think highly and horse-ridingly superior for themselves. Trading is actually against their Code at Riot. If they find out people have not paid attention to further warnings. They will punish anyone who violates their Codes. Its not difficult to understand what Riot is trying to do. They want a Honorable and great Competition with good experience for any Players interested in their world.

People do what they want to do, to make themselves fit better into spots they want into. So be it if its for egostical reasons or noble intentions. Everyone does what they choose to do. The path they take, is consquences they deal with. It only matters if what you think its worth it, and if it made you, perhaps others. Satisfied, happy or opposites. Depends really.