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SEnjoy defeating large, scary creatures? We’re holding a Slayer XP Doubles Showdown competition! It’s you and a friend, gaining as much Slayer XP as you possibly can over the 4 days, in a bid to be deemed the duo with the most XP at the end! There are prizes on offer for the top three pairs; get all the info you need here.

I wandered lonely as a cloud,then got attacked by goblins and a giant rat.Okay, we might not have that spark of literary genius, but we bet you do! Check out this fantastic RuneScape creative writing competition that are running. There are some sweet prizes in return for some well-written words, so get involved by reading up on the details here.

The beta worlds are live to all members once again this weekend, and they’ve seen a whole host of updates over the last week – Dominion Tower, Barbarian Assault, and all quests are now available! Oh, and before we forget – our developers would especially like all of you intrepid beta warriors to try out a few games of Barbarian Assault over the weekend. Remember, we’re always looking for bug reports and constructive feedback, so your participation will be greatly appreciated!Here the trust of platform, welcome to enter to meet Buy Runescape Gold.

An all-new Hunter Distraction & Diversion is coming to RuneScape! In addition to loads and loads of Hunter XP, new private hunting areas will become available to players! Be sure to check this Hunter update out in our Behind the Scenes #14 video, exclusive to our Official RuneScape Youtube Channel. Be sure to like and subscribe when you’re done!

RuneZone are holding a ‘Whack-a-Mole’ event this weekend, so if you want to conquer the giant mole, head over to Falador Park by the east bank this Saturday 25th August, on World 83 at 8pm BST. Make sure to check out their Giant Mole Guide so you can come prepared! Check out the full event details here.

That’s just about it for this week, but if you do manage to get through all the events and videos on offer, you can always check out the community-driven player events calendar on our forums! Check out the calendar here.

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