Have introduced one new ultimate ability in RuneScape

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Speaking of new abilities, we have introduced one new ultimate ability, linked to the Constitution skill: Momentum. This new ability is designed to help players embarking on long Slayer assignments. Once you have built up enough adrenaline you can use Momentum to increase your auto-attack damage by a significant amount. However, using another ability will deactivate Momentum.

The idea behind this new ability is to give players a less input-intensive way to grind through long Slayer tasks.With the introduction of all these new abilities, what better time is there to introduce the new ability book interface? After listening to your feedback about the old ability book, we have taken the opportunity to completely re-design the ability book to make it more user-friendly and prettier to look at!

Your feedback while playing the beta is vitally important to us, and we are not afraid to make big changes such as the redesign of the ability book based on your feedback. Please – keep on playing and sending us your thoughts!

The weekend arrives right on-cue and – for many – there’s the welcome promise of milling around Gielinor at a leisurely pace. For our beta-testing army, though, there’s the promise of unparalleled carnage on the Evolution of Combat Beta worlds!All members can access the Combat Beta worlds this weekend from 4pm  on Friday 17th August to 10am on Monday 20th August.

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