People go about how 07scape is primarily for PvP

I think it needs to happen. People go about how 07scape is primarily for PvP. It isn’t, there are plenty of people who don’t like it on 07scape currently, and they would love gwd. Not to mention a lack of current endgame content, and no substantial content updates means that people will continually leave 07scape and the amount of new players coming in won’t be able to keep up. runescape 2007 gold.

The lack of summoning in the game will make gwd trips a lot shorter anyway.

While ags is powerful in pvp, losing one will be a decent blow. You forget its going to be very expensive in 07scape because of how hard gwd will be, and how good it is. (No ovls, no yaks means shorter trips and harder fights etc)

I myself voted for 07 servers not because of the fact it was 07, but because they would be at a date before EoC, and I know a large amount of other people who did the same.  runescape 2007 gold. Sure, PvP is fun but i’m not going to play runescape just to do that, and i’m going to get bored very fast if thats all I can do. I’ve been playing runescape for almsot 10 years and the time I personally had the most fun in game was early 2011, not 2006 or 2007. Some people just need to give the content a chance.