Runescape magic spell reworks needed

I know the issue with ascension, but the biggest deal is its already set in stone for mage.

Unless they change it, there CANNOT be a lvl 90 air spell in the standard progression.

Unlike range where they could just add a 2h cb some time later at lvl 90.

And melee already has all three styles for lvl 90 (dw only true but its still better)

Ok since we are getting a lvl 90 magic weapon soon, it should be pretty obvious that the current way magic spells are level’d cannot be allowed to continue.

All magic spells are almost random seeming lvl requirements, which creates a mismatch between monsters weak to certain types of spells.

for example the way the game is statted right now, once the 80 damage cap is lifted to 90, anything weak to air spells would be limited to a lvl 81 spell on normal magics, but lvl 88 on ancients.

Fire spells on the other hand would hit 90 with either spell book.

Water spells would hit 90 with ancients but not with regulars

And earth spells would hit 90 with regulars but not with ancients

Clearly this would be unfair to mages once the update comes out.

Suggestions or comments on this below.

Also important to fix with this update is things like the polypore spell being 80 magic req but the staff and damage being stated at lvl 75. among other issues.

agree magic needs a rework when it comes to elemental weaknesses

then again to be completely honest i cant imagine jagex giving a hell…

as a quick fix they could let magic be 1 unified element and just make the weaknesses “magic” and not air/fire/earth/water

but this mis-step counts for range(edit) too.

u can use lv 90 weapons (ascension) with bolts but monsters weak to arrows can only have level 80 weapon..