Legends quest not working

OH MY GOODNESS, i had rocks in my inventory from no idea where, so i dropped them, now i think it worked, smh

I have just killed or harmed rather the demon in ugataku (the guy in the fire star thing) and germinated the seeds with the sacred water, went to plant them, but it says i need more water, but the water is contaminated, and when i call for Gujuo all he does is congradulate me for hurting the demon, nothing about the water, not even an option the only two are
“I have germinated the Yommi tree seeds.”
“Where is the fertile soil?”
“Ok thanks for your help.”
what do i do D:
Edit: i know its supposed to give me an option to tell him about the water, but its not, ( i looked at a guide)

I have and it says i dont want to get anywhere near that, i have done it multiple times just to be sure, and Gujuo has said the same thing about congradulations but nothing else