Horrible runescape servers

You sir have turned what could have been another rant thread into a well constructed piece, I thank you.

Ever since the Vorago update (which is a recent game update) the servers have been horrible. It’s very risky to play at the moment and considering the current item return policy I feel betrayed of my membership since I can’t do half the things I love doing in RS 2007  Gold. This has been going on for several days now and I think it shows that it’s time to get rid of the outdated grave system.

Many other games have a durability system which penalizes death with a repair cost, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea for runescape to use. Losing something like the port armours (which take half a year to get back) due to server lag/DC would make me quit this game whereas paying 1 or 2 mil to get it repaired wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

So I guess to summarize this combination of a suggestion/rant/discussion of recent update, would be: fix the servers, get rid of grave system, and Vorago might be fun without these sever issues!