Runescape buff statue of dahmaroc

I built this statue over a year ago, and I did (and many others) put a lot of time and effort into making this. However, it simply serves no purpose after being finished (apart from being cosmetic).

However, I was just wondering about possibly adding some sort of buff to the completed statue that goes into your POH. One idea I thought of was a possible ‘exp boost’, which would be a boost of 1.5x exp for an hour, once every week. This would make the statue have some sort of use in game, and would possibly motivate more people to complete the statue (apart from those going for the Trimmed Completionist Cape, as this is the only real reason to finish it).

Just my thoughts, but I really would like this statue to have more use in Runescape 2007 Gold game, as it does take a lot of effort to complete it. If you have any suggestions for possible buffs, feel free to post them below.

possibly a magical somekindofcreature that works as a butler maybe? that demands nothing for services and does them better than a demon butler(or worse). we all know how tricky dahmaroc is with his magicks.