Dear jagex

I’d like to thank you, Jagex, for the update to Runescape 3. To me Runescape 3 Gold feels like a new start; new graphics, a new age and the gods are coming back. I feel lucky that I’m part of this epic and intrepid adventure into the unknown, where will my allegiance to Zaros take me? I wait with baited breath to find out. Thank you Jagex, my custom is forever with you and I wouldn’t have you any other way. Keep releasing these fantastic updates, I’m impatient to get further into the 6th age!

So do I, it’s what I’m most excited for given that the high level boss fights and things are after quest content now. I’ve never been good at the boss fights my self.

Personally, I don’t see the problem with Rs3. You get free xp/good armour from BOL and a very good new interface with you can change around to what you need (eg. at the moment i’m training mage so I’ve seperated the spellbook tab from the invy tab so I can see both at the same time). Apart from that I don’t see much difference. Tbh, with most big updates most people just blurt out their complaints, in like a month everyone will probably be used to it, however there are still some bugs.