Runescape pets from future world event

Simply put: I think we should be able to get pets that represent god factions from future world events. Players over the years have wanted god pets to represent their chosen god. This would be a great way to introduce them.

Saradomin and Zamorak already have God birds, but everyone else is lacking.

Even the Godless faction should have their own pet mascot.

Here is what me and other players think about possible pet choices for each faction:

Armadyl: An griffin. It’s an eagle and a lion. Being half lion would represent the lawful views of this god. Being half eagle would represent the bird race of Armadyl.

Seren: Something crystal like, although being about nature too, it could be a plant like pet.

Zaros: Given he is ancient, I suggest microraptor to represent him.

Bandos: Something strong and tough looking, a bear or bull based pet perhaps?

Godless: Very open-ended. Given they see themselves as the guardians of the world, a protective animal could represent them. A dog comes to mind, but it would have to be a very cool looking dog.

Sliske: Given Sliske is described as “Serpent tongued” I think a dark, snake based pet would suite him.

Please feel free to suggest what kind of pets you would want for your chosen faction(s). I’ll try to get them up front.

I feel like this would be a good idea, though my only worry is this would end up being an update in itself, this could of been something to add in the E missionaries, join the faction & they give you a pet to spear the word/show your dedication to the specific God.

fairly good ideas for the pets, though I think a few could be changed (though not sure which pets would suit the Rs 3 Gold best).