Runescape old tower ruins instanced

The Old Tower Ruins are an instanced location after completion of the related quests, this is a huge shame as it leaves huge potential for the Runescape Gold Roleplaying community so close yet so far.

While I understand this makes experience of the quests which take place here much more immersive and consuming, I really think that the Old Tower Ruins should no longer be an instanced zone for those who have completed the related quests. Making it a non-instanced zone would mean it would be more active area and would ensure that the hard work which went into the construction of this beautiful corner of Runescape wouldn’t be witnessed for a mere 20 minutes or however long it takes you to do you work there.

I’m not sure how easy this would be to fulfil technically speaking but I know that the entire Roleplaying community would be very grateful and make use of the area for countless hours as I know Jagex would want.


To put it Simply: Make the Old Wizard Tower Ruins area un-instanced after the related quests are completed.