Welcome to the latest edition of the Premier Club Newsletter

At this point I was like, excitement level 100! I had been waiting for the Letter for over two months!

Divination is coming this month! By training this all-new skill, you’ll find yourself at the forefront of a new age of discovery, gathering valuable resources and weaving the very threads of fate in your favour:

Well, I guess this is a big update, so repeating the fact it’ll soon be released probably doesn’t hurt to much… I know we will be told something new further on in the letter.

Portents and signs: These handy items activate automatically – no clicks required – under certain conditions. The portent of restoration, for example, will heal you when you fall below 50% health, and the sign of life will protect you from a killing blow. Portents are carried in the inventory, and signs are equipped in the pocket slot.

I now yawn, probably because I just woke up, but it could be because they already said all this in the BTS 9 days ago.

Blaze a trail: You’ll pioneer a new field of research as you discover the art of Divination alongside Orla Fairweather and her team! Stay at the cutting edge outside of game too, with a fresh new hiscore table.

Dungeoneering: Divination will affect many aspects of the game, and the murky depths of Daemonheim are no exception. There’ll be doors that can only be accessed by those versed in Divination, and portents of passage will allow you to access other skill doors for which you don’t otherwise have the levels.

Enhanced Gathering: Divination is a gathering skill in its own right, and will sit alongside the next skill, which is coming to RuneScape in 2014, but it also benefits many of your other gathering skills.

You’ll be able to transmute resources into smaller amounts of higher-tier resources – yew logs into magic logs, for example – and there’ll be a new group of items that’ll give you and those around you a quick burst of resources and skill training.

We’ve got some cracking content on the way in the coming months too:

Finally! What we have been waiting for! The BIG reveal about upcoming content!!!

New Trees and Logs: All-new flora for your woodcutting pleasure.

Dungeoneering Task Set: Pun-tastic fun down below, with an amazing aura reward that’s useful both in and out of Daemonheim!

The Dungeoneering Task Set was leaked (technically just a glitch) ingame. But when asked if it was coming Jagex said “Yes” Only, this was like over half a year ago… We already knew about the Dungeoneering Tasks…

Missing, Presumed Death: An epic quest, involving the shadowy Sliske himself.

There is more info about this quest on the Unofficial Wiki than we got in this “Newsletter.”
Original message details are unavailable.
“Missing, Presumed Death is a future quest scheduled for release in 2013. It will follow the Mahjarrat Sliske and the events centred around him following the assassination of Guthix. The quest is also to feature Icthlarin and Harold Death, revealing more about them and their relationship, as well as an elf. It will explore the features of the Grim Underworld, and how Sliske acquired the staff of Armadyl from the Dragonkin trio last seen attacking Edgeville.”

Birthright of the Dwarves: An iconic RuneScape storyline continues in this all new quest – as voted for by the community!

We already know all of this!!!

RuneFest 2013 is being held on the 2nd of November at the Tobacco Dock in London, UK.

Keep an eye on the RuneScape Gold News for all the latest information!

Ohh fun… At least at Runefest Jagex will probably give info… Info that they did*’t give to their Premier Club members. A Club that is meant to get a juicy Newsletter every 3 months.

That’s it guys! We waited 2 Months to get a Premier Newsletter about stuff we already knew about. I don’t know about you guys, but that doesn’t make my reward for my commitment to Jagex seem very premium…

Overall I give the Letter a 1/10. (The 1 is only because they released it, if they hadn’t have released it it would have been a 0/10.)