Low level runescape quest reward rework

I suggest changing the experience Rewards on certain low level quests to lamps.

This would give people the option to claim the Experience if they wanted. Or simply discard it.

The Blood Pact
The Restless Ghost
Priest in Peril
One Piercing Note
Song from the Depths
Wolf Whistle

off topic but… Why doesn’t Seer’s headband have stats? Karamja gloves, fremmy boots, varock Armor, Falidor Shield, Morytania legs, ardy Cape, all have stat bonus’s. I can understand a ring and a amulet not having stats but the headband? please give it stats to match the set.

The ring at least gives a +1 Prayer bonus and Desert amulet gives a critical bonus.

Edit 2:
Scorpian Catcher:
So this quest requires 31 prayer… which you can start it without it I guess… and rewards you with 6k strength xp… Where did the strength xp come up with? kinda odd…
anyhow this is bothersome…. All the prayer requirement for is to catch the last scorpion… 1st floor of the monistary in edge…
Please move the scorpion or Let us have Temporary access up there to catch it, or pay a monk to get it for us. PLEASE! I’d Pay 500k easy to let a monk catch it for me.

They actually changed those new Low Level desert quests xp rewards to lamps. Otherwise they would of been on this list