Recolor for vestments of

Hey guys, today I bought Vestments of Sorrow which cannot be recolored, but I already got the Robes of Remembrance pack.

The packs cost 459 runecoins for members. That is about this
Robes: 153
Emotion: 85
Teleport: 200
Recolor: 21

For people like me, I bought Robes of Remembrance for the Teleport mainly, because let’s face it, it has the better emotion while the dead tree just looks horrific, at least to me. I loved the Robes of Sorrow, yet I hated the teleport it came with.

So I got the Vestments of Sorrow, I didn’t completely read and come to find out, we couldn’t recolor them. This is the same for Vestments of Remembrance. So in order to get both things, we have to pay an extra 85 Runecoins for a emotion we already have and a teleport we don’t want just so we can recolor the robes. I know this is a part of marketing so you all can make money, but doesn’t it seem a little bit unfair?

My suggestion is either let the Vestments be recolored, or let us pay 25 to 85 Runecoins, so that we can recolor the vestments without having to over pay. Even thought we are this way. I would much rather pay 25 to 85 Runecoins in order to recolor, instead of paying another 459 Runecoins for a new different set of robes, another teleport that is extremely similar to that of the other and a emotion we already have.

Other ideas is add a different emotion to both so we are not paying 85 coins for a emotion we already have.

Note that the prices could be altered, I just made the prices at the top of what normal stuff of the same category usually costs.