Two possible plotholes-spoiler

First of all, I absolutly loved the quest (Death of Chivalry). It was an amazing one, especially for a f2p quests. I’d always hated for the other two signature hero quest lines that you basically got cut off halfway through the story if you were f2p. Thank you Mod Stu.

However, there were two things that didn’t seem to make sense to me…

1) Who mused up the circle? At first I thought it might be the witch, or Captain Dulcin, but Dulcin was dead, and the witch was inside the portal, so couldn’t have messed it up. And what other resident of the fortress would do that?

2) Who put up the wards around Elora’s wand? She was dead, Fern died (along with the rest of the centaurs immediately after. I’d at first assume it was Saradomin, but then why would he need us to breach the wards? If he created them, I would think he could breach them.

And if it was some mortal mage, how could they have the power to keep a Runescape Gold?

3) Just occurred to me now, and not really a plothole, just a something interesting to wonder-

We have seen that Lord Daqarius is a much more…(for lack of a better term) “nice” leader then Dulcin. In fact, if she wasn’t a girl and a magic user, I would think Lenzig (the witch) would fit in a lot more with Dulcin then with Daqarius. Was Daqarius aware of her true personality?Ok, I’ll definitely reread the journal.

And then who created the tomb, with enough power to make a ward effective on a god? And it was (almost certainly) a saradominst who did the wards, as the tile puzzle is Saradomin-themed.

Somehow I doubt it…though with Sliske, I suppose anything is possible