Runescape bugs and annoying things

I felt like if I get lucky Jagex could actually look at this and something could get fixed.

If I get hate and people just start saying “Adapt or quit” Blah” oh well. I don’t care.

1. Right clicking Message on a friends name in the chatbox sometimes does not work.

2. The option to left click to change the “Quick Inventory” should be changed to Right click only because it sometimes gets in the way of eating food.

3. Sometimes interfaces will not go somewhere when there is enough room for it, When it would go in there any other time.

4. Sometimes walking places the screen will go underground and the system will be confused because it thinks where you’re trying to go is
2 places so that until you move your screen it will constantly be walking back and fourth to opposite sides of the minimap.

5. When going to the Grotworm Slayer Dungeon, when you first enter your screen will appear underground and sometimes you won’t be able to move it back up

6. Numberpad is not supported with abilities.

7. Sometimes abilities will flash, if a ability is recharging it will sometimes flash back from full to it’s status of recharging.

8. Keybinds will randomly break, leaving you to use your mouse until you can log out and back in.

9. After a sound plays sometimes it will repeat over and over about every 1.5 seconds.

10.When you have a playlist of music, on some songs after it ends a screeching noise happens and the next song will not play