Bring back green skin makeover

I missed out the green skin makeover two years ago because I had so much work from school and I thought it was really cool. I want the green skin badly added to my fashion but you see, last year, I barely played due to studying in High School, SAT’s, and I just didn’t get to renew my membership nor did I get to buy runescape gold my own 30 day membership card. I am now a member again and I wish I could somehow have a chance to get the green skin makeover. I would do anything to get the skin color. I was also thinking the green skin should return only in the upcoming 2013 Halloween event or any other sorts of events. Please respond to this thread as soon as possible. If the green skin isn’t planned to return, it’s okay.

Recently, the winners who won the player’s gallery competition had won the green skin. If Jagex is planning on bringing back some more of the game card promo items I wouldn’t mind.