A few minutes of your time

This is addressed to any and all J mods, as well as my fellow Runescapers.

To Jagex, creators of our beloved Runescape,

When you told us that you would “tone down” the Sof/Sgs promotions, it was welcome news to myself as well as many players. I understand that these two bring in extra revenue which can be used to fund many player desired updates that would not normally be possible. On that note, I can see why these micro-transactions are so focused on. However, the frequency of these promotions is quite alarming, nearly weekly at this point, which is not really the toning down that you promised us. If you are thinking, oh whatever, just another disgruntled player, that is partially true. I personally do not care for Sof or Sgs, but I do understand why they are here. My point Jagex is this. All that I ask for is that you take to heart those of us who are not just mindlessly trolling you, but are providing exactly what you ask for, Constructive Criticism with a respectful tone.

Now to my fellow players,

If we are to correctly go about getting the attention of Jagex, for issues that we have with updates and whatnot, we cannot just flame them into oblivion. I myself am guilty of doing aforementioned flaming before, and it is just not the right way to go about problem solving. I also recognize that many players do provide very good feedback, that Jagex notices and responds to. That is exactly what we need more of. To my fellow players I ask this. Instead of taking the easy way, and trolling/flaming Jagex and everyone else, let us take the hard way and find some middle ground that can be reached. Runescape is a multi-faceted game, with a myriad of issues that may arise, so to solve this, we need to be Runescape Gold Players working together with Jagex, not Jagex VS the Playerbase.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, feel free to comment/discuss what you think about everything mentioned above.