I demand an app

I’m frequently on-the-go, but the game is still on my mind! I don’t find this to be a Runescape Gold problem at all. However, I can’t do anything unless I get out my laptop and am lucky enough to get WiFi. For a very long time, I’ve wanted an app created by Jagex for my android phone. I don’t even want to imagine trying to play the game on my phone because that just sounds plain awful. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a useful app out there!

Elements I’d look for in this app:
– Login to your account (as you do on the RS website)
– Check Adventurer’s Log
– Read/post in forums
– Check game updates
– Possibly engage in Private, Friend’s, Clan chats
– Look up hi scores
– Show off your hero/avatar

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I would definitely be ready AND willing to pay $1 or $2 for an app like this. I’m sure I could simply open the browser on my phone and do all this by just going to this site, but that takes way too long and it isn’t even worth the wait.