Common slots for every

Or at least excluding promo items.

Quick question for you Jagex, when was the last time that someone bought Runescape membership to claim a common slot item NOT to claim a promo item?

I’m serious.

10 Oak Planks?
Small XP Lamp for Thieving?
20 Blood Runes?

We get that you need to make Runescape money.
But can you stop offering in the common slots P2P related junk.
I mean, replace them …
The 10 Oak-Mahog Planks? Use reg planks.
Blood or Soul Runes? A few natures or Laws
Make common slot lamps even just the lamps that all players can use.

This suggestion isn’t for promo periods … we all know THAT’s never going to stop.

But for the rest of the run of the mill stuff, just make it so everyone can claim or discard more easily.