High level of skill is updated to RUNESCAPE users

Tired of kicking ax magic tree ? You only see the ivy unbearable ? You two steps away from the sawmill explosion ? If this is the case, then rejoice, because the two new types of trees are retained for the logging level followers will appear in the game, this month !

Trees ( available in 90 logging ) will help you get the rare old log , useful for a variety of practical skills related activities . With their archery level of 90 and 95 , you have the opportunity to make short-term and the ancient arch arches shield ( remote installation requires 60 or 65 years , if they have a focal length ) . Campfire 90 level players can also burn these logs to get a generous amount of XP . Of course, these records will prove to be a good way to earn money if you resell to other players .

Crystal Tree , will be able to provide players with 94 logging . These trees can never be completely cut off , but made it clear cuttings composed XP logging games , if you break them with the most favorable price ! Here to supply buy Runescape Gold That is to say , they are not easy to find, and Hunting Elf crystal trees give fans the opportunity to discover civilization some surprises along the way . Alternatively, you can break the crystal geode may contain precious gems, or even a fragment of the seed crystal Triskele stay !

Both trees have slightly different mechanical participation , thereby encouraging the development of new tactics and cooperation in order to unlock their full potential. We also added the dark bow and his statistics because this is the best rainbow shield in RuneScape level.