RUNESCAPE: What is prestige ?

A long time ago, in the mists of time in RUNESCAPE HISCORE table is the best place where players compete , the daily top spot. Then one day, the first player to reach the 200M, the game ends. Today , no matter how hard you work , you will never see the famous rank 1 , because people first arrived there.

You may remember 99 when it is a rare thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. These days there are so many 99S, some players treat 99 , as if this is the minimum requirement , respect, rather than achievement it really is.By the way, here we can provide you with cheap Runescape Powerleveling,RS 3 Gold

Credibility to change all that. This update , due in the vicinity of Runescape you arrive some time in November , the HISCORE table will unlock and will occupy the top spot again the work of the players, who most difficult, not the one who got there first .

But what is prestige ?

It is actually very simple . Reputation system will allow you to select any of your current 99S, click a button to reset the skills one . This means that you can once again to 99 . You should do it, because once the credit went to the scene , the first by the precious HISCORE table level ( times you’ve prestiged skills ) are sorted , then your current level, then the current XP ( ie progress ‘ because you re- do the last time set skills ) .

We hope that there will be some other games , and a positive side . At the moment, the most dedicated players , because only the highest level of the content is relevant, which distorts the economy of certain things and away from others . Reputation , players of all skill levels will be projects and related fields has not been for a long time suddenly competitive again .