RS Two new trees

Fletchers of level ninety and higher than will produce elder shieldbows and shortbows – level sixty ranged weapons. A shieldbow sight may be hooked up to the elder shieldbow, increasing its needed Ranged and Defence levels to sixty five, and boosting its stats consequently.

Cutting elder trees needs a minimum of ninety Woodcutting, and therefore the trees may be sought-after out at 10 locations round the world. they provide smart Woodcutting XP once cut, and their logs are of nice use to fletchers and firemakers of level ninety and higher than. They grow back additional slowly than alternative trees, though, therefore you’ll have to cycle between some of them to induce the most effective gathering rate.

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brings 2 new trees to RuneScape: the elder tree and therefore the crystal tree. High-level woodcutters can love the coaching opportunities they gift, furthermore because the valuable manufacture – logs for creating elder bows from the previous, and crystal seeds, crystal triskelions and additional from the latter. We’ve conjointly updated the dark bow, that retains its title as RuneScape’s most powerful shieldbow, and superimposed deadly new dark arrows to travel in conjunction with it.