RS3 Battle of Lumbridge was shocking and horrifying

George Foreman is the responsible leader of Lumbridge Restauratón: A nonprofit event that aims to repair the ruined city. Is devising a plan to rebuild the house of Jack the browser, the fishing shop and Hank Lumbridge general store, using materials found in war camps and in the town itself. To achieve this, needs volunteers willing to get rid of the rubble, gather resources and rebuild the house from the ground Lumbridge.


You can visit the foreman Jorge every day for me to explain your next task. You’ll have to collect the items you need from the surroundings, and deposit them where he asks. Your contribution will be measured in points (you can make 1500 a day) and you can exchange them with Jorge in the rewards shop for lamps Restauratón PE. Restoration lamp small players will be available only for non-members and will cost 750 points. The median lamp so players can acquire members and non-members by 1500 and 750 points respectively. Finally, the big lamp is for members only, you can get it for 1,500 points. Note that the latter does not appear in the free worlds.

Fantastic rewards also offer ornamental. First, everyone who contributes will receive an apron construction.

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The Battle of Lumbridge was shocking and horrifying conflict that showed the world the power struggle between the gods. However, the inhabitants of Lumbridge not one life was shattered and a huge hole in the ground.