RuneScape3 of these changes you can adapt it?

RuneScape has launched the latest version , using the free games and membership value model. Compared to its predecessor , “RuneScape3” membership fee from 5.95 up to $ 7.95 a month . However, three months, six months and annual membership fee discount prices were $ 21.95 , $ 39.95 and $ 74.95 .

A point worth noting is the game in which players might be killed by falling equipment . Then players can graves to retrieve the lost items, but the graves will be broken at the specified time , need someone to repair and extend the existence of time . Not found , then completely lost items before the tomb broken . Similar stock trading game rubbing large inter-service system exchanges, commodity prices fluctuate with the market , once the transaction can not go back.


Currently in “RuneScape3” , the distinction between members and non-members mainly in the gaming experience. Players can master the 16 kinds of ordinary skill , more than nine members of the species. These skills allow players to perform various activities in the game, such as planting , hunting , logging, fishing , etc., each skill can increase the upper limit is 99 . New skills , such as fortune telling is about to join.

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Besides ordinary players can accept 20 tasks, while members can accomplish more than 160 . Each task has a relatively independent plot. Complete all tasks get a “Quest Point Cape” exclusive cloak. The new mission will be released periodically. There are 40 kinds of mini- game adventure game , but more than half are only open to members. There are three times as many members of the map, you can build houses on their own , cancellation page advertising and other functions.