Runescape novices make money

If you are a novice rs, and you do not know how to make money, there are several ways hope for your helpful

wool; then lumbrige sheepfold, as long as a pair of scissors on the line (stores sell a gold coin, lumberidge also has a) a table on the house next to the sheepfold, who in addition to what they should not bring scissors, do not wear any armor, so running time more durable, and thought the Rams want to take him wear a grade on the sword on the line. Each acquisition 27, went to the third floor of the castle lum, the wool is put banks. Then went to the sheepfold and then collect 27. Repeatedly, as long as you feel enough, and went to the var of grandexchange. A mass of raw wool is 94-106 RS gold, the price to a minimum, usually to buy quickly.

leather; lumbridge of cattle, wearing a weapon (if low-level body to bring some armor, ax, fire boxes, the value of life, then used to make low-Beef) Remember! Mainly in order to make money, do not go on fighting! Collection of leather, if someone did not pick it up, then immediately pick it up, ran back to the bank on a backpack filled on the line, just like wool
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