RS the city of Lumbridge gives the image

Large , imposing castle dwarfs you as you enter the city of Lumbridge . Its huge walls stretching far as the eye can see, and positioning in the door and access areas menacing -looking guards.

Lumbridge is Рand Рlarge friendliest , most accommodating cities of all Gielinor . It is a quiet town , located in the Sui River in the West Bank , and will call a lot of players start their adventure in Runescape gpld  first port .
What better place to learn to control the game , make new friends, to ease yourself into the game right ? All Lumbridge some areas , you can practice new skills , develop the art of war , etc., all thanks to the kind of people who are always on hand armed your knowledge to help you survive the dangerous Gielinor .
Lumbridge always fair weather , which makes it an ideal place to establish a farming community north of the castle . There is also a windmill , bread flour most of the surrounding area it provides , cakes and other baked treats


Lumbridge mainly in rural areas , with farms and windmills located north of the village . People who live here have to strive for success and they have had for generations – even the gray stone walls of the original building is still standing, wearing and full of personality proved a strong willpower residents.
But residents still have to help the stranger, and take some time to show you the ropes from their busy schedules and help you master the relevant Runescape universe . Can be found in the surrounding walls bordering the officer is not just there for decoration. Where guards warned the players overall skill level below 60 is beyond their swords and spears are dangerous land , which the newer players to be especially careful wandering .
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