Adding different types of melee is an amazing idea in Runescape

Jagex has left us with a major predicament here, there’s just no easy way around it. I’ve considered every option, and with every single option some portion of the players will receive the short end of the stick. The goal here is to minimize that player base as much as possible.There’s two major issues with the universal accuracy skill. The first being it ruins a part of account builds.

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Remember how players used to choose a different attack level based on their needs? This didn’t just apply to pures, you would see players with 70 defence and a range of 50-80 attack depending on what they like to do¬†runescape 2007 gold. That varying attack level gave them options, it made players unique, and allowed the same combat level to have a wide range of different play styles. If we expand range and magic into two skills, that further emphasizes these unique builds.

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Honestly, with the potential drawbacks you’ve raised, I’d say that’s not bad at all considering the drawbacks that other updates have done.Adding different types of melee is an amazing idea, but it would also add more problems rather than solving anything we currently have, the issue of attack and strength is still there.