There is a clear gap between C Luo, Messi

In the second half of the game, Real Madrid fans in the audience began chanting “Golden Globes! C Luo received a FIFA 15 Golden Globe!” Slogan. And this is the C Luo in La Liga this season, the nine assists ball, tying assists last season. Coupled with 26 league goals, we can say C Luo worthy of FIFA 15 world football’s best players this season. And I know you can be worthy of FIFA 15 world football’s best players with enough¬†FIFA 15 coins¬†in FIFA 15.

After game, C Luo will visit Zurich to attend the FIFA Golden Globe Awards. Although the results have not officially announced, but the “Aspen” pointed out that the odds of winning probability display C Lo nearly 90%. Spain is currently the state-owned gaming company sportium seven La Liga club sponsors, according to their out of the odds, C Luo award compensation of up to 1 odds 1.12, which means that the probability that he finally won the Golden Globe for up to 89.29%, almost can declare C Lo recieved award.

The other two candidates for the FIFA 15 Golden Globes, the Neuer winning odds are 1 lost 5.5, and there is a clear gap between C Luo, Messi is the only one to lose 11 more. In fact Neuer and Messi have recognized the C Lo won the FIFA 15 Golden Globe reality, Neuer had said, “I look forward to attending the awards ceremony, and will enjoy this evening. I knew I was not winning popular.” Messi also admitted, “I think this year’s award is too difficult, let us enjoy the ceremony. No matter who were deserved winners of, C Luo and Noelle have played a great season,one a win Champions League and scored a lot of goals, and the other to win the World Cup. “