When Can We Download Madden NFL 18 Standard Edition

As we know the G.O.A.T. edition of Madden 18 released on August 22, as for  the standard edition of the game releases on August 25. If you are a Xbox user you can down load it  in 24 August at 23:00 (EDT). As for PS4 users the game, the game is able to download from 25 August at 12:00.
When Can We Download Madden NFL 18 Standard Edition
It may spend a long time to download, especial thousands of Madden fans download at release time. As for the fans who want to gain physical copy, expect the game to be available during normal business hours at major retailers like Best Buy, Game Stop, Wal-Mart, Target and others beginning on August 25. It better to check if they have Madden 18 on selling.

Wondering whether to buy the standard or G.O.A.T edition of the game? Heavy breaks down the pros and cons of each version here. The Madden 18 standard edition has a price tag of $59.99, which is $20 less than the expanded version.

What comes with the normal edition of the game? In addition to the actual game, fans get one elite player from your favorite team and five Madden Ultimate team squad packs. By purchasing the standard edition, you do not receive additional Ultimate Team packs, an elite G.O.A.T. player, 2,500 contracts and a Madden Ultimate Team uniform pack.

The perfect visual experience and Longshot mode are deserve our expectation. Just have a tyr it’s really worth playing. Briefly introduce, Longshot is a playable movie which you’ll be  the leader character Devin Wade who want to be an NFL quarterback. There are also three modes: arcade, simulation and competitive. There are also three modes: arcade, simulation and competitive.