Poe 3.3 Ballista Tourista Build for Hierophant

Have you ever felt they have to run along maps happily listening to the sound of currency falling while playing a tower defense? Nicely, wait no longer! This Build present to you the Ballista Tourista build. Nine totems all outputting consequential damage and resulting in extra resistance in your element as a consequence of the new hierophant ascendancies.


+ Comparatively secure to play
+ Very good DPS
+ 9 Totems
+ You run quickly
+ Resistant to five.5K Powerful HP & Massive regen
+ Rapid totem summoning
+ Fantastic Uber Lab Farmer

– Totem build (A lot of people don’t like them)
– Can be hard to gear up, costly early league
– Prone to one shot
– Elemental resistances are a pain to cap
– Not an 8M DPS build
– All maps contain many totems

Defences :
* 30% dodge
* 39% evade w/o blind (70 with)
* 5k5+ EHP (4k+ life, 1k4+ mana)
* 9% HP and 4.5% mana regen per second with Hierophant ascendancy alone

Harm :
* 9 Totems pelting out destruction
* five Totems placed per second (almost 6 with the helmet enchant)
* 77,000 * 9 = 693,000 DPS on shaper/guardians without flasks and Hierophant totem kill buff
* Did I say nine totems?

About flasks see The Most Popular Poe Vendor Recipes For Flask
Playstyle :
As far as map clearing goes, I pop quicksilver and run like the wind though dropping totems in clusters of 2-3 barely invisibility of each other. If a significant rare/unique, lose a few a lot more, keep on running. Every once in a while a frenzy can help to keep your charges up. I’ll be honest I’m often too lazy even to bother.
For bosses make sure all of your totems are always summoned, and close enough towards the boss (We do have Point Blank, and we need the regen of our Hierophant Ascendancy). Then, frenzy whenever possible for charges and Elemental Overload, and avoid colors. GG boss is dead.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/jQfvfDK4
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yaw7uenv
Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2108562/


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