Where to Find Every Shopping Cart on Fortnite Map

These small vehicles can be used both in offensive and defensive measures. In addition to how you could evade enemy attacks and move into a safer spot avoiding the storm, you can also confuse the enemy by bringing the fight on a shopping cart. Dealing with a moving target is more difficult than a stationary one, so you can use this to your advantage. Near a cart, you can interact with it to be either the passenger or the one who pushes it. This is very useful in a party of two since one can provide the mobility while the other can bring the offense. You can also switch positions with your partner while moving the trolley that requires both of the players to press R3 simultaneously. As for where you can find them, there are some good spots. Let us inform you on all you need to know where you can find these Fortnite Shopping Carts and how you can use them.

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Tilted Towers
The best place to find Shopping Carts is in Tilted Towers. Here you can find multiple carts to push and ride. All of the carts are within a minimal distance of each other.

For example, you can find two by the garage and one behind the bus. Of course, there is more within this same area.

Retail Row
Shopping carts are around the Taco Shop and the car park. Some can also be found in the main store.

Loot Lake
East of the region, in the factories area, you can find a single cart lying around near a truck. Head to the mansion in Loot Lake to find two more.

Dusty Divot
Heading north, you will come across a cart around the back of a warehouse.

Greasy Grove
You can find multiple carts here in the main store.

Junk Junction
Go near a truck to find a single cart. If you are looking for another one, make your way to the south near the entrance.

Many carts can be found here in the extreme east of the map. You can notice a racetrack here that has these Shopping Carts.

For more info on Shopping Cart locations, watch the video: