NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Limited Guide for Beginners

NBA 2K21 Limited is a brand new feature added to the game this year, but this mode is only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Now, let’s get right into our NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Limited Beginner’s Guide to get you started on the right foot. Also, you can get NBA 2k21 mt through us and enjoy low prices, fast and safe service. Now back to the text!


What is Limited?

MyTEAM Limited is a game mode that challenges players by limiting roster options in new ways every weekend.

Players chase new Championship Rings with each MyTEAM Limited weekend, a tiered prize that offers a “VERY high end” grand prize card if you collect every Championship Ring in a season.

How to collect Championship Rings?

Players will have the opportunity to unlock a ring with each win, so one win over the course of a three-day weekend, and you could come out with one!

There is a total of six rings to collect in each season. Collect all six, and you will unlock the top prize associated with that season.

Limitations & Stipulations

There will be different restrictions every week that will change the game’s meta, and you will have to adapt and play with it.

Players will find out the requirements on the Thursday before the weekend’s action; this means that players will have enough time to build their teams before the first tip.

The limitations could be anything from capped ratings to minimum age to conference specific. There are endless combinations.

Limited Rewards

Aaron Gordon96PF/SF98936’9″RewardsLimited RewardsOrlando Magic
Jaylen Brown96SG/SF96956’6″RewardsLimited RewardsBoston Celtics
Ralph Sampson95C93917’4″RewardsLimited RewardsHouston Rockets
Damon Stoudamire88PG89755’10”RewardsLimited RewardsToronto Raptors
Jimmy Butler85SF/SG80856’7″RewardsLimited Rewards FinalsMiami Heat
LeBron James85SF/PF86826’9″RewardsLimited Rewards FinalsLos Angeles Lakers

What do you think of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Limited? For those who don’t play 2K competitively, Limited might be the mode for you. It’s a fun feature that anyone can play, regardless of budget, due to the limitations bringing everyone to a level playing field. Also, for more NBA 2K21 MyTeam guides, click here.