How Do I Get Rebirth Rewards In NBA 2K23?

There are many missions in NBA 2K23, and we can get a lot of rewards by completing these missions, including MT 2K23 and various items. For example, we can find Ronnie 2K in the game to get Rebirth rewards. Below we will give you a detailed description of how to rebirth in NBA 2K23 and the various rewards players can earn in the process.

Ronnie 2K offers different rewards based on a player’s overall rating. Each overall has its tier and a new location where Ronnie 2K can be hidden. Players cannot find him on their map because he will not be listed on the map. Here are all of Ronnie’s hiding locations, and the required reward levels.

65 OVR reward and locationRonnie’s first location will be located outside of the north side of knight’s territory it is located on the northeast side of the city map, just outside the subway station. Ronnie 2K will be next to the trash can. Talk to him after scoring a total of 65 overall and the player will be rewarded with a Ronnie 2K & Sophie t-shirt.
75 OVR reward and locationThe 2nd location is above the territory of the southern city of Viper in the southwest of the city map, this time directly in front of the subway. He is next to the 2K station. The player now can spawn locations. This allows the player to choose where to brush up on The City when it releases.
88 OVR reward and locationRonnie 2K is now near Knight’s territory in the North near the nearby subway station. 88 players can now play the game bare-chested on the tarmac.
90 OVR reward and locationAt 90 overall Ronnie 2K will be outside the Viper entrance in South City and players can now access the final reward tier, the respawn reward. The respawn skill gives players the chance to be me player again, but this time starting with 30 badge points and 90 overall.