Diablo 4: Top 5 XP and Legendary Loot Farms for Solo Players

Diablo 4: Top 5 XP and Legendary Loot Farms for Solo Players

Diablo 4 is the latest work in the Diablo series. In this game, players can not only play with other players but also play single-player games. As a single player, we need to become stronger, which requires more Diablo 4 gold coins, and powerful items. This guide will take you through the 5 best XP and Legendary loot farms in Diablo 4 for solo players.

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1. Ruins of Eridu

The Ruins of Eridu is a popular spot for many players. This dungeon is home to a hidden instance where you can spawn more elites if you’re quick enough to remove a large group of enemies. The first section of this dungeon, which looks like a figure of eight on your map, is where all the XP drops most efficiently. It spawns more for you if you’re quick enough to take out the enemies. Also, events are great here. If you see one, definitely do it.

2. Haunted Refuge

The Haunted Refuge is another great dungeon for solo farming. To find this the most efficient way, the first section of this dungeon will require you to collect two Stone carvings and place them within that pedestal. Once you’ve done that, you can quickly progress onto the second part of this dungeon. This is where all that goodness happens. There’s a point where so many enemies are grouped up it’s utter chaos. Group up as many as you can and do what you must.

3. Domhainne Tunnels

The Domhainne Tunnels is another great solo farming dungeon. When you first enter this dungeon, you must free six prisoners. Once you’ve done that, you can get onto the second part of this dungeon where all the good stuff happens. You’ll come across two massive amounts of grouped-up enemies. These are the ones you want to be farming.

4. Iron Hold

The Iron Hold is another incredible dungeon for solo farming. It will help if you slew a certain enemy to retrieve a key when entering this dungeon. Once you’ve done that, you can open the door to progress. Here, you want to run around this area looking for any events. These are the jackpots within here and seemingly spawn massive extra enemies.

5. Forsaken Quarry

The Forsaken Quarry is one of the first spots covered early on and is still crazy hectic. The amount of groups of big enemies down here is pretty scary. With this one, you should run this up until at least the boss. Large groups of enemies keep coming to him, giving you massive amounts of XP.

These are the top 5 XP and legendary loot farms for solo players in Diablo 4. Remember, the key to efficient farming is understanding the mechanics of each dungeon and using them to your advantage.

Remember to leave the dungeon once you’re done farming, either by pressing up on your d-pad if you play on a console and leaving the dungeon this way or by bringing up your map and exiting via the entrance. Once outside the said dungeon, quit your game via the other game menus, then load it back up. Once you load it back up, you’ll be outside the dungeon, re-enter, and everything will respawn. If you’re at a party, the party host leaves the party with in-game menus, and he will teleport outside the dungeon door. He invites you back into his party, and then you enter the dungeon; everything will respawn.

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