FC 24: 8 Shooting Tips To Score Goals

Putting the ball in the back of the net is rule one for winning a game in both the real football and the digital world of FC 24. However, your opponents are defensive, making it harder to score regular goals. Don’t worry; here we will show you eight quick shooting tips on how to score more goals in the game.

Manage Shot Power

There are few things more embarrassing than finding yourself in a good position in front of goal, only to either blast the ball over the bar or tamely into the keeper’s hands. Depending on where a player is when they’re taking the shot, players should begin to develop a natural reaction to how long they should hold down the power button.

Long Shots Are Still Viable

Scoring long shots in FC 24 is a skill that can make a world of difference in your gameplay. Experiment with the various techniques – finesse shots, travel shots, and power shots – and choose players with the appropriate Play Styles for added effectiveness so a well-timed and connected long shot can be a consistent way of finding the back of the net.

Practice Set-Pieces

In FC 24, as in a real game, you can distinguish several fixed passages of play: kicks from the off, free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty kicks. Take the time to rehearse set-pieces in the Arena or through Kick-Off modes before heading into competitive matches to stand a better chance of taking advantage of these opportunities. After all, they don’t always come often, yet when you do get the opportunity, you need to be able to find the back of the net.

Go Across Goal

FC 24’s goalkeepers were noticeably harder to beat when trying orthodox shots. However, one shooting tip we discovered throughout the game was that they didn’t seem as strong reaching attempts that went across them. When in a position to shoot, aim the analog stick in the furthest corner away from the keeper and time a powerful shot to cramp them up and drill the ball past where they’re able to reach.

Stop Sprinting Before Shooting

In FC 24, sprinting can be used to make yards up the pitch quickly and evade defenders; however, it comes with the drawback of being less in control of the ball. This is also true for shooting, so it’s always well worth ensuring your player is in full control of the ball when attempting to take a touch first by ensuring they’re not going like the clappers when they receive it.

Finesse Into Space

A finessed shot is effectively a curved effort, perfectly utilized when looking to bend the ball into the far corner or simply caress it into the side netting. Thankfully, it’s an incredibly effective input that’s super simple to learn, just holding RB or R1 + shoot button.

Choose The Best Shooter

Choosing the best shooters is also an important thing in FC 24. These players can score goals from great distances or from tight angles, giving goalkeepers little chance to save their strikes. Such as the cover star, Erling Haaland, is the best goal-scorer in the game right now. 93 shooting for the Norwegian, combined with 96 finishing and 94 shot power, which will make him a devastating option. To get him, you need to spend 1,349,000 EA FC 24 Coins.

Patience Is Key

One of the most crucial parts of attacking players should always keep in mind is that whenever you’re in possession, you’re the one dictating the pace of the play. This is especially true when you make your way up the pitch and edge closer to the opponent’s goal. The risk to the defending side grows the closer to the goal you get, so the time margin you have to play with is always a little bit more than what you think, especially in a meta like FC 24’s that prioritizes gradual build-up play. Always take the time to assess the position of your attackers and who is in the best spot to score.

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