Unveiling the Truth About Diablo 4: Tooltip Trust Issues

In the ever-evolving world of Diablo 4, a peculiar issue plagues players – the untrustworthiness of tooltips. Specifically, the controversy surrounds the Bloody Corpse Explosion and the misconception that it doesn’t scale with Shadow damage. This article aims to debunk this myth, shed light on the complexities of in-game tooltips, and provide valuable insights for players navigating this challenging terrain.

Unveiling the Truth About Diablo 4: Tooltip Trust Issues

Understanding the Bloody Corpse Explosion Dilemma:

Despite the prevailing notion that Bloody Corpse Explosion fails to scale with Shadow damage, a deep dive into the mechanics reveals a different story. The issue stems from a tooltip bug rather than an actual flaw in the game mechanics. The modifier doesn’t reflect the proper scaling, leading players to believe in a damage shortfall that doesn’t exist.

Replicating and Testing:

To address the concerns, thorough testing is essential. Starting with a fresh character, devoid of any conflicting passives or activated skills, players can scrutinize the performance of Bloody Corpse Explosion. The discrepancy becomes evident when additional sources of Shadow damage are added, resulting in a significant increase in damage, despite what the misleading tooltip might suggest.

Bone Storm Unveiled:

While the focus has primarily been on Bloody Corpse Explosion, the article also delves into Bone Storm and its interactions with Shadow damage. Contrary to speculation, Bone Storm proves to be consistent with Diablo 4’s intricate mechanics. The distinction between damage over time effects and multiple instances of damage becomes crucial in understanding the intricacies of this skill.

Conclusive Testing Results:

Through meticulous testing with varying weapon damage, the article conclusively establishes that Bloody Corpse Explosion indeed scales with Shadow damage, debunking the tooltip confusion. The data, meticulously gathered with both low and high-damage weapons, demonstrates a consistent increase in damage with the addition of relevant stats.

Tips for Players:

  1. Question Tooltips: Highlighting the importance of not blindly trusting tooltips, the article emphasizes the need for in-game testing to validate actual outcomes.
  2. Data Replication: Encouraging players to replicate testing scenarios to derive valuable information, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of skill interactions.
  3. Understanding Multipliers: Clarifying the distinction between additive damage and damage multipliers, providing insights into how these nuances impact overall damage output.
  4. If necessary, try to buy Diablo 4 items to power up.


In the dynamic world of Diablo 4, where trust in tooltips can be misleading, players are urged to explore and validate in-game mechanics. The Bloody Corpse Explosion saga serves as a reminder that true understanding arises from hands-on testing rather than relying solely on surface-level information. As players navigate this intricate landscape, may their journeys be filled with discovery, triumph, and an ever-growing mastery of Diablo 4’s profound mechanics.