The Fates Of Every GTA Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of games has been with players for approximately 27 years, starting from the release of the first game in 1997. The story of the GTA protagonist deeply attracts every player. Players are puzzled about the fate of each GTA protagonist after the end of each game. This article will reveal the mystery of the protagonist’s final fate for you. U4GM provides cheap gta money to help you easily overcome the difficulties in the game, successfully pass the game, and know the protagonist’s final fate.

Claude (GTA 3)
Claude continues to roam Liberty City, having made many enemies but still surviving as a lone wolf. His ultimate fate remains unknown, but Rockstar has stated he is not dead as of 10 years after GTA 3.

Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City)
Tommy Vercetti is still alive and powerful in Vice City as of the early 2000s, controlling profitable businesses like nightclubs and TV studios. He likely retired from the drug trade at some point.

Carl “CJ” Johnson (GTA San Andreas)
CJ lives through 2008, having taken over the Madd Dogg’s mansion and casino in Los Santos. He may have run for mayor and cleaned up the city’s crime and corruption.

Mike (GTA Advance)
Mike escapes a police raid with stolen money and takes a flight to Colombia to start a new life, never to be seen again.

Johnny Klebitz (GTA The Lost and Damned)
Johnny is brutally killed by Trevor Philips in the opening of GTA 5, along with most of the Lost MC. His girlfriend Ashley also dies from a drug overdose.

Luis Fernando Lopez (GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony)
Luis is still alive as of 2013 and remains friends with Tony Prince, with the two having adventures together. He likely left his criminal past behind, but his ultimate fate is unknown.

Huang Lee (GTA Chinatown Wars)
Huang’s ultimate fate is unknown, but he likely continued building his criminal empire or retired after avenging his father’s murder and being suggested as the next Triad boss.

Niko Bellic (GTA 4)
Niko appears to have retired from crime and helps run his cousin Roman’s taxi company in Liberty City. He has lost touch with most of his old crew.

The protagonists from the 2D and 3D era games likely met various fates, from retiring to being killed off, but their stories remain largely unresolved. Overall, some protagonists managed to leave their criminal pasts behind and find success, while others met untimely ends. But for most, their ultimate fate remains a mystery.