Top Tips For Completing Monopoly GO Games Sticker Album Fast

Monopoly GO Games Sticker Album

A new Monopoly GO Sticker album called Monopoly Games dropped now and will run for three months until Sep. Here’s how you can complete the album quickly, giving you more time to find the Stickers you need to complete all sets.

Buying Monopoly Go Stickers Directly

This is the fastest way to complete the Monopoly GO Games Sticker Album. You just need to choose a trustworthy third party to purchase the missing stickers. For example, you can buy stickers from U4gm – this is the best Monopoly Go Sticker Store – not only cheap(use code “Mods” for 5% off) but also 100% legal. Usually after completing payment, you will receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes.

Take Advantage Of Special Events

Another easiest and most effective way to collect Stickers for the new Monopoly GO album is to earn extras through special events like Wheel Boost and Sticker Boom. And don’t sleep on a Golden Blitz, either. Of these special events, Sticker Boom is the best. Because it increases the Stickers you receive from packs by 50 percent, always rounding up. For instance, an Orange Sticker Pack normally gives three Stickers, but during Sticker Boom, you get five instead because the game rounds the 1.5 extra Stickers up to two. Be sure to check the daily Monopoly GO events page so you can plan your playtime around a Sticker Boom event.

Finish In The Top 3

Scopely runs multiple tournaments each week in Monopoly GO, most tournaments offer decent rewards for finishing in the top 3. This is a great way to earn Purple and Blue Sticker packs, increasing the odds of you pulling a four or five-star Sticker. Purple packs also have increased odds on Golden Stickers. Tournaments can also include special rewards, like a Monopoly GO shield, a token game piece, or an emote.

Trade Stickers Every Day

The Monopoly GO Sticker algorithm will give you duplicates over new Stickers once you only have a few Stickers left to collect from an album. To throw the odds in your favor, trading your duplicate stickers allows you to potentially receive a Sticker you are missing from your own collection, letting you get ever closer to completing different sets within the Sticker Album. You can trade a maximum of 5 stickers per day, so be selective with which ones you send, and who you send them to!

Farm Monopoly GO Stars

If trading Monopoly Go Stickers isn’t for you, then you can exchange duplicate Sticker Stars for different rewards from the Album Screen. The Monopoly GO Games Sticker album has three vaults for stars, with the highest vault cashing out at 700 Stars. Included in the 700 Star vault are two Blue and one Purple Sticker packs. Cashing out your Stars as soon as you unlock the final vault will potentially drop new Stickers that you need to complete sets and even the album.