Plasma Flamethrower: Devastating Close-Range Weapon in Fallout 76

The Plasma Flamethrower is an extremely powerful close-range weapon in Fallout 76. It sprays a stream of superheated plasma at enemies, making it ideal for crowd control and knocking out heavily armored foes. The weapon’s high rate of fire can melt enemies in a short period of time, and the sustained damage gives players an advantage in combat.

However, the Plasma Flamethrower consumes ammunition faster than other weapons and has a relatively short range. It is best used in ambushes, catching enemies off guard with a stream of plasma before they can react. If you’re looking to buy caps for fallout 76, this powerful weapon is worth considering.

Enclave Plasma Flamer

Weapon Types

The Plasma Flamethrower is an energy weapon that combines the features of a plasma gun and a flamethrower.

Damage Types

It deals both energy and fire damage, and is particularly effective against certain enemies.


Like most weapons in Fallout 76, Plasma flamers can be modified to enhance their performance. Cheap Stable Fluorescent Flux is one of the key materials used to craft and modify plasma weapons, which can significantly improve the performance of Plasma flamers.


As a close-range weapon, it excels against groups of enemies or fighting in tight spaces.


Plasma flamers may use plasma cores or special fuels as ammunition.

Plasma Flame Thrower


  • Complete specific missions
  • Loot from high-level enemies or bosses
  • Buy from specific merchants
  • Craft using blueprints


  • Very effective against robots and armored enemies
  • Can quickly clear a large number of close-range enemies
  • Provides unique visual effects and gameplay


  • Short range
  • High ammunition consumption

In short, the Plasma Flamer is a very powerful close-range weapon in Fallout 76, suitable for ambushes and close-range combat. Although its ammunition is consumed quickly and its range is short, its ability to effectively clear heavily armored enemies and groups of enemies makes it one of the indispensable weapons for players.