The First Descendant: Ultimate Tamer Build Guide

The best weapon to get in The First Descendant is the Tamer machine gun. The Best TFD Boosting Services is provided by U4GM, which is professional and completed quickly. Use code “allen” to get 5% off at U4GM. The ultimate Tamer build in The First Descendant involves maximizing its DPS by focusing on weak point damage and critical hit damage. Here are the key components of Tamer build:

Best Mods for the Tamer
1. Better Concentration: Increases firearm critical hit damage by 19%. U4GM has the best TFD Proficiency Weapon Level Boost service, which saves time and effort.
2. Concentration Priority: Increases firearm critical hit damage by 19% and reduces reload time by 8%.
3. Rifling Reinforcement: Increases overall firearm ATK by 12%.
4. Weak Point Sight/Insight: Increases weak point damage by 8% and firearm critical hit rate by 1.5%.
5. Rapid Fire Insight/Action and Reaction: Boosts fire rate by 8% and firearm critical hit rate by 1.5%.

How to Use the Tamer
1. Weak Point Damage: Focus on weak point damage in Void Intercept boss fights, where the Tamer can do massive critical hit damage.
2. High Ground: Use high points in boss fights to see weak points and flank the boss while strafing to avoid damage.
3. Ecive Scans: Use Ecive scans to find weak points on enemies.
4. Secondary Weapons: Bring backup weapons with special or high-impact rounds, sniper rifles, or scout rifles to deal with bosses.

Farming the Tamer
1. Abandoned Reconstruction Site: Farm the Abandoned Reconstruction Site mission in the Agna Desert to get the Tamer.
2. Orders Occupied Facility: The Tamer can also drop from the Orders Occupied Facility mission in the Observatory area of White-night Gulch.

Tips and Tricks
1. Survivable Build: Ensure your Descendant has a survivable build that can take some hits.
2. Ammo Management: Manage ammo by using general rounds and bringing a supply drone with ammunition.
3. Character Choice: The Tamer works well with characters like Kyle, Ajax, Gley, Jaber, and

By following these tips and using the right mods, you can create a powerful Tamer build that dominates in The First Descendant.